Sonic Youth were an amazing band in their time. Well I guess I freeze them in my mind somewhere around late 80s-early 90s-—when I saw them—though they continued for many years afterwards. Thought I would post links to three intriguing films which feature the band. Charles Atlas' Put Some More Blood into the Music (screened by the UK program South Bank Show in 1989) features the formidable John Zorn too as well as interviews with Lydia Lunch, Dan Graham, Glenn Branca, etc. Director David Markey's 1991: The Year Punk Broke covers SY on tour with Nirvana (and Dinosaur Jr. among other bands) in Europe shortly before the latter band's career went ballistic. Christoph Dreher's Silver Rockets Kool Things: 20 Years of Sonic Youth presents a longer career survey for German/French television. Enjoy the noize!