I was (well, still am...) a rabid fan of the band The Replacements and as I mentioned them a couple of posts ago, I thought it might be of interest to inform other potential 'Mats junkies that there are a lot of cool links to their sounds out on the web, and of course a lot of shaky camera footage of their onstage "reunions" (featuring only the original members Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson, as Bob Stinson died in 1995, Slim Dunlap [the irreplaceable Bob's replacement] suffered a stroke in 2012, and drummer Chris Mars devotes his time to visual art these days) occurring last year. You can find loads of early live Replacements courtesy of an entity known as bobstinsonsghost. Check it out! And there's the effort to archive tapes of the Replacements (notoriously inconsistent) live shows. (Wow a queasy glimpse of the Grateful Dead just floated by...) And below the 1981 attempt to showcase the band for record execs. Also see if you dare the strange doco on the band (well, their fans, really) Color Me Obsessed.