I highly recommend a captivating and energetic documentary on Kathleen Hanna, pioneer of the Riot Grrrl movement and singer for the bands Bikini KIll and Le Tigre. The film is an effective portrait of the groundbreaking fringe punk scenes involving strong women, such as Hanna and her bandmates who were inspired by earlier Feminist activism and innovative figures such as writer Kathy Acker who counseled the young Hanna to stop doing spoken word performances and start a band. Hanna's voice in conversation is low-key, funny, and candid, but on stage incredibly powerful, dynamic and enchantingly listenable as with the best pop music. A host of musicians are interviewed including Carrie Brownstein, Joan Jett, and Kim Gordon. Hanna effectively retired for several years due to the devastating effects of Lyme disease, but has been more recently working again with her new band The Julie Ruin. For more on the film see: http://www.thepunksinger.com/ Trailer posted below as well as some vintage Bikini Kill sounds.