The Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles posted three nice short documentaries on "The Art of Punk" on their YouTube channel awhile back. Here i"m reposting them, as they are pretty informative and great fun, especially if you have interest in the graphic wherewithal that often helps propel high octane noise. "Winston Smith" the extraordinary collagist who designed both the Dead Kennedys simple but memorable logo and their fantastic album covers discusses his work (along with input from Jello Biafra and others). Black Flag's close association with Raymond Pettibon, who drew the flyers and album cover art (for SST, one-time house label for so many US punk bands) that helped set them apart from their contemporaries is elucidated. And lastly, the collages, graphics, and prankish interventions of Dave King and Gee Vaucher for the band/collective Crass are given pride of place.